IEEE Volunteering

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Active IEEE Volunteer since 2007, since my entry in my studies at Spain, in ETSIT UPM at technical university in Madrid. Now I am serving my duty as IEEE Officer in Sweden Section as Young Professionals leader, this affinity group focuses on the young engineers and students in order for them to learn the necessary and important skills for orientating their future career like presentation, management, leadership and soft skills. In addition, I collaborate in IEEExtreme as Judge where I propose problems for the competition and get involved in other activities related to this big online competition from IEEE where more 6000+ members attend and compete in teams of 3.

Volunteer Positions

Chair Young Professionals Affinity Group, Sweden Section [March 2015 - Present]

As my duties as Chair, I try to promote and share knowledge to young professionals and students on how to succesfully orientate their engineering career and develop the necessary soft skills and tools for it.

Interim Chair Young Professionals Affinity Group, Sweden Section [October 2014 - March 2015]

Starting my transition of duties as temporary Chair in Sweden Section, where I tried to get grasp of the main goal of Young Professionals.

Judge IEEExtreme 9.0 [January 2015 - Present]

Serve as volunteer in the IEEExtreme 9.0 judge team, contributing with 2 programming problems for this edition of the competition.

Judge IEEExtreme and Quality Assurance 8.0 [June 2014 - December 2014]

Served as a volunteer within the judges and quality assurance group that designed and reviewed competition questions for the IEEEXtreme 8.0 programming competition that hosted 6,000 participant.

Chair Student Branch ETSIT UPM [June 2010 - June 2011]

In charge of coordinating and managing the activities of the IEEE student members in the ETSIT UPM.

Treasurer Student Branch ETSIT UPM [June 2008 - May 2010]

In charge of the financial records and economical resources of the IEEE Student Branch of ETSIT UPM.

IEEE Activities:

Career Development Workshop STEP Event [June 2017]

A workshop focused for student, recent graduates and Ph.D students at Chalmers university. Apart of covering hints & tips on how you should prepare yourself for an interview, we gave tips and points to consider when preparing their career for the long run, like the following:

  • Planning ahead where you want to be, and identify the things you need to accomplish.
  • Good grades in college, does not correlate to success in the workplace. Soft & interpersonal skills gain great importance.
  • Pushing yourself correctly, understand the comfort zone and develop effectively.
  • Understand your personality and needs to identify areas of improvement if needed or even how to progress effectively.

Interview & Technical Skills Workshop [October 2016]

Second edition of the same workshop held in March 2015, material was reviewed and improved for students at KTH Kista Campus.

1st Nordic SYP 2015 [6th-8th November 2015]

The 1st Nordic syp was held at KTH which also included the first day of the event with Sweden Section celebration of the 50th anniversary. KTH Student Branch, WIE and YP in Sweden Section where completely involved on organizing this big event which included a large number of workshops from R8 representatives and visits like the gala dinner been held in the city hall with a visit.

In addition of helping organizing the logistics, became involved in the design and deployment of the congress website.

Interview & Technical Skills Workshop [20th March 2015]

A workshop focusing on soft skills towards how you should elaborate your CV and prepare yourself towards a tech interview based on past experience from the speaker. Student Branch at KTH aided with the organization of this event.

Workshop on Distributed Data Processing and No SQL database systems

A workshop for students and young professionals in ETSIT UPM, in order to increase awareness in new technology trends in the area of Big Data and distributed systems. The workshop focused in 2 areas of Big Data processing.

-The first talk focused as an introduction to distributed data processing frameworks like Apache Spark and Apache Flink with demos based on Apache Spark.Prezi Link Here

-The second talk focused on No SQL databases and distributed systems theory which included the CAP theorem, eventual consistency and Quorum based consistency. At the end, a demo in Amazon Web Services was shown with a deployed infrastructure working with a No SQL database. Prezi Link Here


During my graduate studies, I managed to publish a paper and a journal article on a course project from Madrid, UPM on IEEE EDUCON.

  • Development of a Wiimote-based gesture recognizer in a microprocessor laboratory course. EDUCON IEEE 04/2010. DOI here
  • Development of a Wiimote-based Gesture Recognizer in a Microprocessor Laboratory Course. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in learning (iJET). Link here