Welcome to My New Page!

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I was always quite keen in finding something more personalizable and that could support better my needs as a software engineer and tech interests. I had an initial try with my old site in wordpress where I tried to create something personal, but still I never got satisfied with how wordpress handled things.

Luckily, been an active user of github, I was surprised with their support for personal sites with github pages. In that sense, I was curious to what it could offer and I already saw that you can have some nice things going on with jekyll and ruby.

So this is my second try to create a personal site, hopefully thanks to this nice theme for jekyll; I will be able to satisfy all my needs on customization and giving the site a personal touch I always wanted. Of course, I am not a great frontend guru (I have deeper background in backend/distributed systems) but I really like how this jekyll theme works.

Hopefully, this second try on my personal site, will be more rewarding than the first one I made. I will try to migrate some material from back there.

Github pages HPSTR theme from MadeMistakes (Mademistakes)
Background images from Subtle Patterns (Subtle Patterns) / CC BY-SA 3.0

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