How my KTH Thesis looks like after the approval

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A month has passed since my thesis defense and now I finally got my grade after so much time. Now, my next step is to prepare my thesis in order to be accepted back in my home university (yeah, this means tedious and boring paperwork...). Although it seems a boring stage, I am still having some fun around at SICS in kista in the BioBankCloud project where my architecture will be put into practice. This was one of the main motivations of the development of the KTHFS architecture, a distributed file system in order to store the biological information stored in a DNA sample. This is translated in handling possibly petabytes of metadata corresponding to DNA strands.

So finally, for the people interested; you may find a copy of my thesis here. You may find it also in KTH thesis portal, once they upload it. In future posts I will try to explain how the technologies related to my thesis work together. I hope you enjoy it.

EDIT: It has been finally uploaded on diva KTH portal, you can access it from here

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