Think you can code? IEEExtreme 6.0 starts this night!

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Another year is starting to come to its end in a few months and as usually, another edition of IEEExtreme is starting. This is a special date for all computer science geeks around the IEEE Student Branches as we have the opportunity to improve our coding skills with this competition.

Teams are formed by 3 members were they need to collaborate and solve together the different challenges that will be posted during the 24 hour schedule of this competition.

Now we are a few hours before the start of the 6th edition of the competition (20th October at 00:00 UTC time) and its time to warm up those coding skills.

Although actually I am living in Stockholm finishing my master studies at KTH (there is actually a IEEE Student Branch where you can attend the IEEExtreme). For this occasion, I decided to take a plane back to Madrid to attend this 6th Edition in the Student Branch of my home university so I could compete once again with my fellow partners of my Student Branch. Also it was a great time to visit some friends from Madrid and see my family once again. Last year I was unlucky to not attend the 5th Edition and missed that experience with my friends, this time I made sure it didn't happen again, as probably this will be my last time attending this activity offered by the IEEE.

In previous editions I was unlucky to solve some problems during the competition, so I decided to make the effort to train myself and improve my theoretical background in computer algorithms. I hope that this time, it makes a difference when solving the challenges we will probably face.

For now, time to relax before the competition and good luck to all the teams attending this edition.

Further Information on IEEExtreme:

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